The main measure of prophylaxis from dental and periodontal diseases – professional, modern oral hygiene.

Professional oral hygiene is a hygiene procedure of the oral cavity, performed by an oral hygiene specialist. During the visit, the soft and hard plaque is removed, dental surfaces are polished, teeth cleaning quality is determined, periodontal state, correct teeth brushing method is explained, toothpaste is selected, proper toothbrush and interdental brush, mouthwash is selected, next visit for prophylaxis checkup is planned. By application of ultrasonic scaler, instruments and air abrasion, from all dental surfaces and periodontal pockets soft and hard plaque present above and beneath gums, microorganisms and their produced toxins are removed. By patient’s request, cleaned teeth may be anesthetized. These procedures are performed during one or several visits.

Professional oral cavity hygiene is also performed before periodontal surgeries, prosthesis, therapy procedures, endodontics, surgical interventions, teeth whitening. The need and frequency for professional hygiene is individual, therefore, when recommending performing such procedures 1 to 4 time per year, the state of the client’s mouth is also regarded.











“AIR – FLOW” – one of the latest methods of dental plaque removal. It’s an excellent and painless method to remove nicotine, coffee or tee plaque and to brighten teeth.

“AIR – FLOW” removes teeth plaque faster and more efficiently compared to regular teeth polishing means. It is very effective even in areas difficult to access. The strong stream of air, water, and soda powder directed perpendicularly to the dental surface, promptly and painlessly removes the accumulated plaque. After the “AIR – FLOW” procedure, you will be pleasantly surprised by a natural smile and sensation of comfort and cleanness in the mouth.

It is important to realize, that constant care helps to avoid dental problems, and save time and money. Regular visits to oral hygienists should become a habit for those who appreciate their health because dental and gum diseases have an adverse effect on our entire body.

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