Teeth whitening starts with professional oral hygiene. During this procedure, a plaque consisting of coffee, tea, colorific food, and smoking is removed from the dental surface. In our clinic, the plaque is removed with the ultrasonic instrument. The teeth are sprayed with soda blaster. Sometimes that’s enough to make the teeth whiter. However, with age, the color of teeth changes, they get darker, become yellowish. The teeth may change color after root canal treatment or injury. Then, plaque removal is not enough. Then teeth whitening systems can be helpful.

If, after hygienic cleaning, the patient remains unsatisfied with the color of his teeth, oral hygienist offers him chemical whitening of the teeth. We propose to whiten teeth with bleaching trays. It’s recommended to do it at home.


During the first visit, the doctor takes dental impressions out of which models are molded. At the laboratory, bleaching trays are formed, these are transparent splints which tightly cover the teeth. Bleaching trays are very light, don’t hinder speech, don’t fall off.

During the second visit, the doctor applies bleaching trays to your mouth and explains how to use them. Their usage is simple. After the whitening agent is injected into bleaching trays, they are mounted on the teeth. Active component – carbamide peroxide splits, the oxygen gets into enamel and decomposes colored compounds. The structure of the tooth doesn’t change; it only gets lighter. Whitening procedure is performed every day and night or every second day or night. After 2-3 weeks, the patient should show up for control checkup so that the doctor would assess the efficiency of whitening, the state of teeth, and mucosa.

Dental sensitivity may increase during the whitening. However, it’s not a big problem. To reduce sensitivity, simply postpone whitening for every second day or night, or use toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

A smile, shining with whiteness can be acquired in one-two weeks. If the bleaching trays are kept on teeth for 2-4 hours every day, whitening last two to four weeks, and if the person sleeps for eight hours with them on, then five to ten nights would be enough. This type of teeth whitening costs from 80 to 110 euros.

Some patients, wishing to achieve previously unseen teeth whiteness, go over the top and perform the procedures longer. We do not recommend doing it for longer than 14 whitening sessions.

Teeth whitening cannot be performed on teeth with worn enamel, in case of gingivitis, periodontitis. It is recommended to postpone this procedure to pregnant, lactating women, persons younger than 18 years of age. One must be aware that dental fillings and dentures can’t be whitened, so there may be a need for their replacement or correction.


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